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Poems from the Soul

As promised, more to come.
My friend, this one is for you.
Of those who
Visit this place,
There's one
Humble and loyal.

Years pass and,
This one is
Still here.
Why for, who can be sure?

For this one,
This renoun,
Sits peacibly,
Helps all.

Careful not of,
The self,
They have
Disclosed many things.

In trust,
Blind at that
Honored they will be.
A welcome addition always.

A dear friend,
If only they could
Know how much.
Continuing community.

With ideas and wishes
Seeking always others,
Encouraging always inclusion,
They are no less than, Family.

Dear friend,
I don't even recall
How long I've known you.
You never pressed (much), thank you.

Let not politcs
Embitter yourself.
Continue to always,
Let your Art free.

Years ago,
It was a great honor
To have your company
Years after, it is the same.

Continue to be,
All that you are.
Despite all others,
Fly above and grow.


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