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Poems from the Soul

Dear readers,
Sorry for the triplicate
I seek to categorize my Poems by , category?
I promise to make the triplicate worth it, I will
Post to all three threads

I miss
My friends
My loves
My life

I wish
I could be
I could touch
I could

Where, where are you?
The ones who understand?
I demand you,
Come see me.

I'm sorry.
I want to tell you.
I want to know you.
I want to be known.

Forgive me.
If I could tell you
If you ever know
If you are mad

You will be
But you love me
But I love you

Thank you
For reading
For teaching
For so much

Does this poem
Even have
Four line

I can't
I can't see
I can't know
I can't live

This place
My world
My home
My heart

Welcome me
Please understand
Please forgive
Please welcome

My family
How I miss you
How I long for
How I need you

I don't
It doesn't matter if
If you hate me,
If you love me.

I love you anyway
I need you anyway
I want you anyway

I sigh,
I miss,
I yearn,
For you.


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