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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

Inquiry of Spirituality

In the Elusive Forest, near the Lands of Plenty, a tryker centers himself on a small hill with a small depression at the peak, among the ruins of previous occupation long past and never reclaimed. Surrounding the ruins are countless Rotoa trees, Toopetz stems, and Ploomweeds whose luminescence reveals the surrounding area. Beside the tryker lies his journal, wide open with a new entry.

"Tria, Germinally 15, 4th AC 2595

The ruins of the Lands of Plenty Research Center. If it were not for the ruins of homin-made structures, one could mistake this serene place for a simple grove, a tranquill place. The varinx nearby never enter it completely, either, making it an ideal place for one to rest, think, or... center oneself.

If there is one thing to be grateful for, it would be the spirituality of the Zorai and the Kami. Their faith and strength in spirituality is simply amazing, although, I maintain a stance where a full subscription to any one belief system, should not be a blind one. However, in this calm place within the Prime Roots, even a homin with a chaotic nature such as I can feel some sort of connection with Atys, if but a faint one. Down here, far away from homin civilizations within the Prime Roots, all it takes is for one to stop, listen, and observe. Or, rather, be still with the environment, to hear the distant cries and sounds of the creatures that live here, to feel the soft wind currents of the underground caverns, and to see the radiant plantlife that thrives down here. Such simple acts, yet they can make you feel the liveliness of the planet itself. It makes me feel... whole, but it always begs the same question.

How do I make this connection deeper?"

After some time, the tryker packed his journal, got up, and ran south into the field of Toopetz, continuing his cycle of travel.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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