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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

((OOC: Oof, it's been a lil' while hasn't it. Needed a break due to burn out, but we're back for now.))

The Goo

Along the walls of the Prime Roots, a tryker is sitting to rest from a long trek. He observes the environment, listens the to various sounds of the fauna, and reflects on it in his journal.

"Quarta, Thermis 28, 3rd AC 2595

It is difficult to think, and difficult to focus my attention on more than one task. Even writing this feels a little weird. I heard how bad it was in the Void, but I'd never think I'd be exposed to that much goo. Hopefully our efforts keep it from running rampant again. It wouldn't be good for anyone if it devoured our homes. As for myself, I... should really get moving again and let my body expel this alien substance. Perhaps I should use my new-found relation after doing many favors* and pay a visit to the Chlorogoos, perhaps they might know how to alleviate this ailment as a tribe known to experiment with Goo."

After finishing the last statement, the tryker gets up, and looks around. His violet eyes, seemingly a little more pronounced more than usual, dart back and forth looking for aggressive fauna. He stumbles a bit, and then runs into the darkness once more.

((*OOC: By favors, I mean fame missions.))


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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