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Les chroniques d'Eolinius


The enigma of his parents

What a great party!

And the cake made for Liosta's birthday, Kyriann's daughter ! A delight!

Eolinius had had a good time with the other guests on Avendale beach by throwing fireworks that made Liosta happy. What a joy for a child to belong to a real family. Eolinius had found his own somehow when he entered the Drakani guilde, but it wasn't quite the same thing.

He had never told anyone about his childhood. The fear that he will be laughed at, certainly. As a child, he had spent most of his time under the surface among the outcasts and rejecters of Atys. He had never seen the luminous star like the other carefree children. In fact, he didn't know exactly where he was born. The only thing he remembered was his bohemian childhood among the different tribes of primesroot .

His parents, however, were brilliant scientists recognized on Atys. They spent their time on the one hand teaching basic education to the little homins of the lost tribes as they roamed the underground world. On the other hand, they were engaged in strange excavations and experiences that Eolinius could not understand in the deepest sense of the word. Despite this, the little one received very early on the desire to discover new things at the same time as the tolerant spirit instilled by his parents. These days were made of games with the other tribal children and the practical instruction provided by his parents when they took him on expeditions for several days of walking. At that time Eolinius did not care that he had never seen the beauty of a sunset he did not know, he was satisfied with the many strange things he saw around him, as well as the shapes and colours that were shaking under the surface. There were so many things to see, sometimes as beautiful as they were dangerous.

It was only a little later that he began to wonder about his parents' exact work. His father, although he also cared for him, was always writing notes and experimenting. Her mother, always with a smile on her face, was very attentive and kind to others. She was always ready to assist her father in this research.

His parents often slipped away and left him in the camp. One day, when a rain of sap fell in abundance in the perpetual night, Eolinius had followed them in secret more to play than to worry. At the corner of a ruin, he caught them with other individuals who had come to join them. What did they have to do there? Why did these appointments always seem so secret? Eolinius was then too small to understand and recognize the face of the interlocutors, but later he wondered for a long time about their origin. Were they people from the surface? Rangers? Or even Trytonists? In any case certainly not Marauders, these parents were too humanistic to be around these people. Above all, the essential question he was asking himself, what exactly were his parents looking for in these strange places?

He remembered the sweet words of his mother who repeated them all the time without him being able to understand:

"The truth and the answers to the questions are right there underneath. You just have to look for them"

Unfortunately he never had the opportunity to know more, his parents tragically disappeared during an expedition and it took a strange event for Eolinius not to follow the same path as them.

But it was late now, Eolinius pushed these thoughts out of his mind and took a piece of gingerbread.

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