[OOC event] NPC (Aen, Pei, Lixie, Sergio) Hunt Schediling / Related Info

Just for clarification, Aen has been bugged for a number of weeks and the normal procedure for respawning her was simply not working, We will have to wait until the next server reboot, so that she will be back to normal operation.

Once Aen is respawned, assuming that she does not become so badly bugged again, the ability to respawn her has been devolved so that we do not have to wait for a Ulukyn to respawn her. The CSR team will still not have the ability to respawn her as this requires administrative rights.

However we do have the ability to "fix" the bugs which involve her sticking at some stage during her spawning various "fake" Aens, or not spawning the last "real" Aen, i.e. the one with the loot.

In order for the CSRs to be able to correct a problem with Aen, we will need to be informed and on-line, when the problem occurs. If /who gm shows that there are no CSRs on-line, then please contact one of us through Rocket Chat and we will login to assist you.

Finally, we do appreciate that trying to provide "proof" which meets our requirements is extremely difficult in circumstances when Aen does not give any loot and we would like to be in a position where we do not have to deal with this situation.

I hope this helps everyone understand what we are now able to do.

Happy Boss bashing.

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