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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

Arcane Mysteries

Prima, Thermis 12, 2nd AC 2595

While running along on his way from the Desert to the Lakes, a tryker recollects an entry he wrote down some time ago, and begins to expand his thoughts on a part that's been itching his mind for a time.

"In one of my previous entries, I wrote that some respect a homin's strength to choose to stay in the Roots, away from the four civilizations. I have come to realize, that my own strength does not stem from brute force, but through cunning, and most especially, magic. Some of the most powerful magic, stems from healing, but the more impressive, both visually and in effect, is derived from the elemental powers. However, they all seem unique in their own way, especially the magics honed from each race and their respective environment."

The tryker comes to a halt, realizing there are hornchers blocking his way. He gauges if he can take out one, he can sneak past, so he puts on his magic amplifiers, figuring he can get about two spells to test its resistances before he needs to switch to using the Sap imbued in the amplifiers themselves. The tryker then moves into a martial stance, ready to begin with his chain.

"The Tryker, my own race, have learned to hone the primal power of the Lakes and its winds into a violent vibration effect called Shockwave."

The tryker then makes a fluid movement, invoking the power of Shockwave, becoming rigid in midair before slamming down to release the skill. However, the horncher seems to have resisted it a little bit. He moves to the next element.

"The Fyros have learned to hone the primal power of the Desert into Fire."

Taking a strong-armed stance, the tryker gathers the power of fire in his left palm before launching it.**

"The Zorai have learned to hone the powers of lightning into Electricity."

Taking out a crystallized spell, the tryker crushes it and imbues the amplifiers with it. He then turns and begins to run, activating the spell in the amplifiers at the horncher behind him.

"Finally, the Matis have created the power of Poison, though it is unclear how. Perhaps through their mastery of Botany, would be the likely hypothesis."

Taking out another crystallized spell, he repeats the process again, and proceeds to invoke it until the horncher that has been chasing him falls. He stops running, retraces his steps, and continues onward.

"All of these are impressive. However, I often wonder what other magic exist. What kind of elemental magic would appear from someone who drew upon the energy of the Prime Roots domain, created a new arcane skill from these ancient energies that are left untapped? Some would suggest Rot, but that feels like a diluted form of this domain's energy. What would happen if you stood in the pure sap lakes in the Trench of Trials or the Abyss of Ichor, and honed its Sap? Would it empower you to only be limited by your vitality?"

The Tryker pauses for a moment, entertaining the thought, but then, a new train of thought enters his racing mind, taking on a darker tone.

"Could the Goo be a magic creation experiment gone wrong, its energies of honing the Prime Root's affinity to Rot gone rampant? If so, could the Goo itself become a new strain of magic? So many questions, although, I fear the answers will only beget more questions."

With that final thought, the tryker marches onwards, instead focusing his mind on staying alert for any hostile fauna or kitin that might come his way.

((**OOC: My client uses the older phoenix animations that the Fire and Healing spells use, so this is what I see.))


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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