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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

Eyes of Sleight

In Pyr, at a local bar, a Tryker writes in his journal to pass the time and collect his thoughts before he continues on his journey.

"Holeth, Folially 18, 2nd AC 2595

I am not unfamiliar with the more populated areas of the New Lands, after all, it is necessary to go up to the surface to restock on supplies. Although, the locals are always grateful for my journey here, as I deliver water from the lakes, there are always some sideways glances of suspicion. Spending a lot of time in the Roots tends to alter how others act around you. Some respect your strength to stay in underground places like the Prime Roots, others become suspicious of why you would make such a choice. I wonder if such people are like that because of the Chlorogoo tribe, a group of Trykers seem to attack outsiders on sight like bandits, from what I've seen them do to travellers that stray too close to their camp."

The homin stops writing to order a drink, then carries on.

"Despite those kinds of people and their suspicions towards me, it is refreshing to know that there is always a place I can go if the normal places I tread in become too dangerous. Even if it is within direct jurisdiction of a larger Nation."

The journal is then closed as the drink is served. He enjoys a couple before paying and leaving, ready to set out and return into the planet's Roots.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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