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Dead Doll Creations boosted q250 1-hand sword

As with many Dead Doll Creations this craft is designed to help a homine take down bosses with just her trusty sidekick.*  The sword combines good dodge and sap load stats with max speed and damage, and is 1 point below max adv dodge.  It is ugly, and has a poor parry stat,** but, with a max parry shield, the possible sustained bleed and extra direct damage from the boost more than makes up for this.  I have also been told that the sword works extremely well for PvP.

The action used for Varykoo was not optimal: I was just curious to see how high the bleed could go.

This sword will work nicely with q270 bosses such as Rakoo, though, the bleed sustain will not be as high. [img]https://s1.postimg.org/9cp8rdl1ob/screenshot078.jpg[/img]

The auction is open to all homines and the opening bid is 1 million dappers.  I will also include a max parry/dodge shield with the sword.  The auction will end 8pm (BST) Sunday 15th October.

*Even if the sidekick is an inveterate slacker like Babel. 

**A max parry shield and +3 parry HA = 308 parry.


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