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[Zoraïs / All] Purple Gubani

Daomei writes down a notice directed to her fellow Ranger Aspirants and fixes one copy at the Ranger assembly place in Almati Forest with the plea to help spreading the message. She sends another copy to Wuaoi, and one to the secretary of the Great Mask Mabreka Cho.

During the extraordinary assembly of the Circles of the Theocracy, Great Mask Mabreka Cho asked all homins irrespectively of descent or allegiance to unite against the dangers of the recent Goo expansion. It was mentioned that the Master of Goo tribe, whose encampment now is completely engulfed by the Goo, could have knowledge or even bear responsibility of the causes of this disastrous development. Ranger Aspirant Kiwalie and me offered the help when contacting this tribe. (A transcript of the session can be found here).

Mabreka entrusted the Rangers (the Ranger Aspirants) with an interrogation of the tribe leader, Goo Master Bo-Qung Fao. The purpose is to find out whether they bear responsibility for the outbreak and/or know about the cause and how to stop it.

Some words about the tribe: It is one of the outlaw tribes of the Witherings, and one of those doing research and manipulation of Goo. As extremely zealous Karavan followers, they will attack every Kami follower on sight. Moreover, they despise and attack their fellow Zorai unless they won reputation with them (OOC:Zorai fame = -66, Fyros and Matis = 0, Tryker = 16). So this tribe has to be approached cautiously even under normal circumstances. Right now, approaching the camp is deadly for every unprepared homin due to the Goo.

A group of Ranger Aspirants, among them Moniq, Gaperila, and me, explored the area. We found out that the nearest safe position to the tribe leader is 95m away:

It would be necessary to approach Bo-Qung Fao at a distance of 5-6m ca. :

In order to survive there, one or two healer/s will have to heal from inside the Goo area. The most convenient point would be right of the northeastern tower and left of the main entrance. There, the healer/s could be healed from the safe area which is approximately 45m away:

The Ranger Aspirant negotiating with Bo-Qung Fao (that would most probably be Kiwalie] would first go with the healer/s, then, when stably healed, proceed to the tribe chief, who has been notified and must agree to the meeting in advance (OOC: an event guide is needed for that).

We are looking forward for a date when the Ranger Aspirants and possibly other volunteers may gather for this task.

Daomei Lin Carthan
Ranger Aspirant


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral
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