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I think mention of these hunts is also spam.

Ya can please some of the people some of the time ... the subject was started because it was stated that no information was available and that repeated reminders were warranted .... and now that the subject is broached, we have others objecting to hearing about it. Spam ? isn't that defined as the same stuff being sent over and over again ad nauseum ? Well where is it ? If it was so easy to find, why was there a request to make the info available ?

Be advised, to play the game, there is no requirement for a player to click on every forum posts or even participate in the forum. It's a public place not subject to content review as long as its within the site rules. When I see a thread about an OP battle or make believe RP structure of government stuff that I have no interest in, I simply don't click on them. You elected to enter the thread it wasn't sent to your inbox. You don't want to see people drinking, don't walk into a bar, cause that's why all the other people went there. You don't want to hear a subject discussed, don't go out of your way to find and go into the room where it's being discussed.

What's next ? ... I can't go to baseball games because they occur during working hours and they are longer than my lunch hour... so lets ban newspaper sports pages where the games and schedules are being discussed and ban espn web site for same reason. As I drive down the road, I'm tired of seeing churches putting date and time of there services on their signs. Should we get that stuff off the community web sites cause it's spam ? Wait no, I can go to the community web site I can click on the little league games, I can click on Labor Day Parade, I can click on recycling schedule and any other subject I am interested in. But no one is twisting my arm making me click on the functions of local religious organizations

You don't really need to "Keep up with the Kardashians" ... unless you really really want to.


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