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@Daomei , Yes players can do whatever they want, if they don't want to respect RP it's their choice and they can do it... no issue with that... but the game is based on a history and official events ( don't count Christmas event please and others like that, they are not RP and not taking part of the Atys story ).

If I understood, their is people claiming that there is a conflict between NPC hunt and events calendar? How the hell those events can even be connected?
Those NPC hunts are fucked up from the beginning... the reasons for them to exist is farming and oh wait farming again.

But don't fool us Daomei everyone knows the RP you are playing, being friend with everyone no ennemies and blablablabla... (it's your choice, I'm good with that) but don't blame people who doesn't understand how ennemies can help each others for farming... or maybe if this is considered as HRP (my opinion is : yes it should be considered as this) then it's OK to have them as they are.

So BIG +1 to Zagh
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