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[OOC event] NPC (Aen, Pei, Lixie, Sergio) Hunt Schediling / Related Info

Strategy Guide: Lixie - The Furious

Lixie The Furious is usually the 3rd NPC done during the hunts.

Best route there for ...

-Kami From Enchanted Isle TP, head Northwest, swim thru Bailey Lake and on to Lixie Camp
-Karavan Folks can use the Kara TP in Enchanted Isle at Bailey Lagoon and head northwest.
-Ranger Folks have are limited to Kami TP in Enchanted Isle.
-Mara folks can come from either Enchanted isle TP, or resting Water TP via portal and head NE.

Best, and most courteous way in to the camp is to walk, don't run, thru mines.... if ya slow and careful they don't blow. Id use INV anyway cause some n00b will just run thru with INV on and kill you. Try not to be them :)

Guilds / teams assemble again just like Pei:

(1) Tank for Lixie who will begin engaging her right away (like Pei) so as to keep her off others. Again, we need damage so extra tanks really hurt our chances.

(xx) Everyone else lines up in a straight line similar to as wiith Pei in a star pattern Here it's a bit more critical that you kill fast as once bombers get out, we don't have much time before we wipe. So focus is less on heals and more on firepower. Highly recommended that you bring "Lixie jools". Many recipes work but these are 85% Fire Resistance (tho cap is 70%) and mats are plentiful since "Plod teams" are common.

(5) Fine Ploderos Eyes
(5) Fine Ploderos Nails

If ya want a set, see:


If you are among the majority who use Lakes Jools for digging and Fyros for HP, than a Zorai / Matis set will help you find them in inventory easily.

Strategy Guide: Sirgio - The Wicked

Sirgio The Wicked is usually the last NPC done during the hunts

Best route there for Kami .... from Hidden Source Kami TP, head West / SouthWest to Tylini Gate. Try not to drag aggro on others as you travel (avoid blue dots on compass).

-Karavan Folks can use the Kara TP in Hidden Source near portal to Savage Dunes and head east.
-Ranger Folks can use the either TP in Hidden Source.
-Mara folks can come from Marauder Camp, heading NW.

Guilds / teams assemble in parallel straight lines again like Aen on the east side of the camp.

1. There are four (4) groups of Henchmen - These consists of several Melee guards + one (1) Mage and one (1) Ranger. Like any "spawn" if you kill a group (spawn) they respawn ... so we do not want to do that. So for each group, that is pulled by Hunt Leader, DO NOT kill the Ranger.

One technique sometimes misused here is, a master affie person in the group, positioned 1st in line so can the henchman and stun a Henchman.  However, make sure you do not stun them all the way out in the camp. This defeats the Hunt Leader's efforts of getting them to the fence and beyond. If ya going to Stun, make sure that you only hit the ones behind the fence.

The rest of team can use assist on the 1st person in line to target which keeps them from getting lost among, and doing damage to, those in mage pods. Also helps prevent mistargetting of the Ranger.

2. Rinse and repeat for remaining three (3) groups.

3. Now kill all four (4) Rangers. If ya wondering why we save the Ranger Henchmen for last, it's because of all the Henchmen's skills, range is relatively ineffective. A few swings or a sword will take a mage down whereas you could take many bullets before getting dead. So idea is to get the big damage doers down first and then take care of the Rangers last.  It is extremely important that the killing be directed at all four (4) Rangers AT THE SAME TIME.  If too much time elapses in between kills, they all respawn.

4. At this point, again using just (1) Tank for Sirgio everyone enters the camp and immediately begin knocking health down.

5. At a certain point, he gets very talkative ("tells a story"), and next we have to fight miniature versions of Aen, Lixie and Pei.

6. Then it's back to beating on Sirgio.

7. Again, when his HP is at a certain point, he will start jabberin again and the Dancers will appear, consisting of groups of wimmen of each of the four (4) races. Here, it's good to add a 2nd tank and with circular atatck, they can keep all the goilz interested (not peeling off to attack nukers) and keep the damage shared between the two tanks.

8. After that, it's beat on Sirgio again till he drops.

Again , make sure to check sysinfo to make sure you are close enough to do damage. As before hitting is not necessarily doing damage.

EDIT: Note that Steps 5 and 7 are interchangeable as to what order they occur in


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