Full OOC - no way to enter into RP!

NOW THAT'S[/b] how I know and what I love about this community. You really made it to turn from my rant to valuable information concerning the obstacles I encountered, and you did NOT shred me to pieces. Thank you so much! You folks are awesome!

Though because of the much deeper insight - and structure - you gave me, I can say that I will probably never go into depth with my own RP and even Mcnoob as character. This has a variety of reasons: I am usually lazy, I often have a bad memory (I am a bad liar, for example. If I try you will eventually find out anyway because I contradicted myself.), and I certainly lack time to study and things. I run my own small business here, and Ryzom is already consuming more time than it should, sometimes.

So for now, I conclude: I will check out Blablatys, and I will try to get started with some more shallow chit-chat RP. Everything beyond that may happen if or when I grow into it, but not in the near future.
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