Full OOC - no way to enter into RP!

Hello McNoob,

Here are my 2 dappers for entering into RP. Since I've been around for several years, some may be useless for a newcomer so feel free to take them with some hindsight.

First of all, assemblies (especially when there have been none for a long time, and especially international ones) are probably not the better place to take an active part in RP. You may learn the current status of various topics, but just forget about having any significant impact. From my point of view, in such occurrences, there are 2 or 3 players talking, some more may vote or take part into making decisions, and everyone else is just attending. Either because they enjoy the show, or they want to learn what's going on, or their guild needs to make an impression by its number, or...
Moreover, yesterday assembly was especially hectic, even according to Tryker standards, with consequences of at least 3 ongoing player stories (that I could see, and I may have missed some) happening. If you want to join in an assembly with some calm, try the Zorai ones (my Tryker self would probably say they're even boring, but that's the beer-drinker speaking).

If you want to enter RP, I would advice to join in small parties, and preferabily in a language you're comfortable with (that being to address your #1 and partly #5 points). And since there hasn't been any local assembly (meaning "small town assembly in only one RL language") for a long time, this probably means player events.
Now, the problem is to find players involved in RP. Any of the people who answered this topic is probably a good choice to talk with. Any of the people who said anything (beside the standard emotes) at the assembly yesterday, is probably a good choice. They may or may not know the in and outs of what happened yesterday, but they can give you hints and a good start, or introduce to the right peoples.
They can also help you grab the few tryker words used often (Blablatys is a good thing but what you really need to know is hello / good bye / please / thanks, and most people never learn more than that).
And, especially, they can do the kind of easy RP that is my daily delight on Ryzom: talk about the last mektoub migration in Loria, consider if the current beer is better or worse than the one of last years, organise a surprise trek to Enchanted Isle for a birthday party and firework...
If you cannot find any of them at the bar, at the stable, or out in the field, send them a tell "hello, I'd like to RP": you may get a "ok, let's meet at the bar in 5 min" for an answer. I just can't remember all the times when I met someone "just by chance" .

Welcome into RP. Just don't let the tryker politicians (and fyros braggers and frigid matis) drive you out of it.

PS: Thanks for the compliments. As Siela, I usually need to put my finger in cold water after translation evenings...
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