Full OOC - no way to enter into RP!

Hello I am happy to see new player being interested in the RP.
Now it is obvious the access to the RP is not facilitated by the difference of language.

This time, the meeting Trykers is not considered as being the most structured... Even by raport in that of Fyros ;).
But You must know that the meeting of yesterday was particularly shaken :) even for the criteria Trykers.
Two events player of whom one not scheduled (an abduction of one of Matis ambassador: the viscountess of Avalae Leeis Necyene)

If you wish for it my Character often stay in Fairhaven bar and I may speak English (slowly) :) even Tyll (language Tryker).
It allows to introduce more simply the RP and the knowledge of characters and environment or your character life.


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