Full OOC - no way to enter into RP!

Think I can say Im a new player. I am playing since a little more than one year.
I am involved in RP from the beginning and I will try to explain how i did it with my poor english.
First of all, i spent a lot of time in Silan just because i was a new MMO player so i had to learn more than others perhaps.
During this time i read the forum (perhaps it's more easy in french because there is a lot of french RP player) but i get the conviction that I would like RP on mainland.
So i read all the wiki about tryker's history. Yes it takes time and during this time I was non making xp but i was enjoying this reading and begun to build my own history and background and most of all (for me) i found a RP goal.
Although all this, i was totally lost when i arrived on main land but i go on building my own history.
I think it took me two or three month to get involved in the local RP but I think the most important it's that I WANTED to get involved in it.
You have Blablatys to learn atysian languages you have the wiki to explain how tu use emotes but all of this is useless if you don't do RP. Don't need to be with millions of players to do RP. I even do RP with NPC *laughts*. Atysian languages will come easy if you use it. Just seat at a tryker's bar and you will find someone to play with you. You can even ask if someone can explain the recent events on RP mode. Trykers are pipelettes as we say in french.
Ask in your guild someone could take the time to explain history as Eleanide is doing right now for maraudeurs. These short players events are the soul of RP.
Just say "lordoy" instead of hello and after a few days you will ask "sul gan lor?" just because once you begin, you just can't stop doing RP.
I think it is important not to try to be involved in all the event because background history will be too large. I don't play fyros event at all and if i play now matis and a little Zorai events, in the beginning I concentrated on trykers events. The first one i didn't understand a lot of things as you but I asked explanations on the next days and i understood much more things on the second one.
Here's my experience. Hope you will go on making RP !
Don't hesitate to ask to drakani most of us are involved very deeply and we will be very pleased to explain although our english is not very good.


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