Full OOC - no way to enter into RP!

Hi McNoob.

You must not let yourself be demoralized by the roleplay played in Ryzom, especially as you discover it through the assemblies of nations. This type of roleplay event requires a bit of experience and time to be comfortable and actively involved.

I can suggest you to discuss in roleplay with the players outside the events. This will give you a bit of experience.

The problem of languages ​​is certainly the biggest defect to be erased during events. As a reminder, before 2012, each language had its server (FR, EN, DE). I do not really have a solution to bring you here.
Perhaps the animation team with the support of developers could invent a bot translator in a dedicated channel.

(If there are mistakes in my English it is because of Google Translate, I am French and not necessarily at ease in English)

And if you need a roleplay training, do not hesitate to contact the most gaming roleplaying players (including myself).


Zagabranth di Avalae
Noble du Royaume
Sane Velën de l'Ordre Alkiane
RyzomWorld (pas à jour mais toujours consultable)
Le Lexique Mateis (en développement)
Alkiane Outils (AppIG & Site)
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