Full OOC - no way to enter into RP!

#1 It helps if translation is on separate channel.

#2 Try look at Blablatys, but note its not working well (not IG) and its not complete, mixed or have wrong translations. Btw, anyone working on new version?

#3 It might be difficult make time when event is pending. RL is RL. I missed most of last events because I am AFK or I simply forgot. Sometimes I remember or someone mention it so I come. Late. See #5

#4 Sit quietly and observe. I am around bit longer than you but I can't say I know what's going on :P This part of the game requires much more time than other aspects. And yes it's also because I am lazy to study lore (nor flow on forum) and it's hard to meet and talk to knowledged homins (although many think that about themselves :P)

#5 see #1 and I think everyone on event should mind about the delay of translation. Yes, it happens that there is a point others do react on before I even got the translation, so if I won't make it even worse, i simply skip any of my own reaction.


On the other hand, look on RP from other perspective, event is not (the only) roleplay. You can do your own roleplay every moment you are around no matter of any event. Or you think you came to RL with all knowledge?
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