What do you think about events ?

edit: Congratutations - I clicked on todays event and it took me straight to the event info - however I feel I cannot lend support to the barring of Matis from a meeting by going to a meeting where they are barred.


This "exclusionism" is an idiosyncrasy of the majority of the French roleplayers, obviously shared or at least accepted by the event guides in charge. I dislike it as well, and I know that my views are widely shared in the former Leanon players' subcommunity.

But, to be honest, roughly 80% of the recently active roleplayers are French or from former Aniro server, and most of them support a highly confrontative and extremist style of roleplay. And ignoring the desires of a large part of active roleplayers by the event guides would not be acceptable. So, the only way to influence it towards changes is joining, not boycotting roleplay.

As you can read here, that kind of roleplayers consider everything beyond their style as "heresy in a MMORPG", and of course, real believers are not willing to discuss much less compromise with heretics. Much more it is important that dissident views to that orthodoxy are voiced.

I shall publish some views about this style as a mainstream trait being highly at odds with Ryzom Lore and the principles at least of the Burning Desert. This is not to devaluate the contributions of active roleplayers but to show that differing styles of roleplay are as legitimate as theirs.


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