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[A l'étude] Idee pour le commerce

I am a low level crafter/forager but I am now avoiding the crafting missions in my capital because they reduce my fame with many tribes and it is nice to not have so many tribes killing me when I forage.

I would love to craft the items but have someone else actually hand in the missions and get hated by the tribes.

Could we simply remove the "craft" brick from the missions so the missions are just "give us five swords in return for 10000 dapper".

Maybe we could add "Entrepeneur Missions" that are just "obtain five Q50 swords in return for 10000 dapper". :)

The crafting missions in the villages are too much effort because I would need to run 3 mektoubs of materials through aggros so I have the correct materials on hand to do the missions.
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