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[Fyros] Pyr, the Empire’s Head

Cc: The Senate of the sharük of the Burning Desert
Subject: Unlawful Arrest in the city of Pyr by some self-proclaimed Karavan Agent

Most venerated sharükos,

I want to bring to your attention an occurrence at 15h - Tria, Pluvia 21, 4. AZ 2593 during the investigations of the death of celiakos Abycus Zekops. While listening to informations given by imperial archivist Xinna Cekaps, we learnt that an arrest had taken place in Pyr. We hurried to the apartment of former celiakos Euracus Cethus and learnt that a person presenting herself as "Karavan Agent" had arrested him on charges to have conspired with Trytonists. The Karavan Agent accused him to have tried to disrupt the sharük on command of "the Trytonists". No evidence was presented backing that accusation,

I cannot deny that I am deeply shocked by that occurrence. Never before in the history of the living planet, even not during the cruel and long lasting temple wars, a representative of the cults has ever arrested any homin, and no homin has ever been detained for other than legaly approved elements of an offense.

Trytonism, meaning inclination or adherence to the words and writings of Elias Tryton, has never been an offense or crime in the sharük. Due to his relationship to the national hero Oflovak Rydon (whom we Rangers revere as the founder of our order), Elias Tryton enjoys a stable level of respect in the desert. The awful and widely unlawful brutalities and prosecutions of Trytonists in past generations never unfolded in the desert, in comparison to the excesses in other nations.

Much more the deliberate arrest of a fyros patriot in the middle of Pyr, by an alien religious force, is scandalous and an infringement of souvereignty and legislation of the Burning Desert. That the otherwise undoubtedly competent leader of the investigation, celiakos Xalis Perimenix, covered and defended that transgression, does not make anything better. Rather, celiakos Xalis should reflect the tolerance as a Karavan follower he is receiving here in the desert instead of defending intolerance and lawlessness of the nameless "Karavan Agent".

I am confident that sharükos will restore sovereignty and honor of the sharük and reverse these infringements. I hope that the superiors of the suspicious Karavan Agent will take action and reverse this transgression. I am all for harmony between all creeds as well as agnostics and hope for a peaceful solution.

sharük pyrekud!

Daomei Lin Carthan - Proud inhabitant of Pyr during all her adult life


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral
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