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Ryzom moves to Freemium model!

Questions and answers



  • Q: I am already subscribed, is there a procedure to follow to switch to Premium mode?
  • A: No, switching to Premium mode is done automatically for any subscriber account.


  • Q: If I subscribe my account under Premium mode, will that affect all of my characters?
  • A: Yes, all characters in the account will have Premium options for the duration of the subscription.


  • Q: How many accounts can I connect simultaneously without being off-charter?
  • A: The limit is set to 4 accounts on the same IP address. The use of an external program to control them is, moreover, strictly prohibited.


  • Q: Will other players be aware of my account mode?
  • A: No, however, as you will be limited in equipment, they will notice that you do not exceed a certain level in your actions.


  • Q: What will be the minimum duration of the subscription and will there be a minimum duration before you can switch from Premium mode to Free to play mode?
  • A: The minimum duration of the subscription remains set to one month and there is no additional delay before switching to the Free to play mode.


  • Q: What are the Premium privileges that I will no longer have access to if I return to Free to play mode?
  • A:
    • You will only be able to equip items whose quality does not exceed 150. All your items exceeding this quality will be kept but locked.
    • You will be allowed to store items on your mount only, or on your first mektoub packer if you do not own a mount. In the latter event, as soon as you buy a mount, it will replace your first mektoub packer as sole storage medium.
    • You will be able to retrieve items from other mektoubs but will not be able to store on them.
    • You will not be able to raise your skill levels above level 125.


Returning players

  • Q: I am a former player and my account is unsubscribed, is there a procedure to follow to switch to Free to play mode?
  • A: No, switching of an unsubscribed account to the Free to play mode is automatic. However, if you have not played under this account since the servers' merge of 2012 and want to benefit from a character restoration and you will have to switch it to Premium mode for the duration of the operation, which is part of the services dedicated to the Premium mode.


  • Q: What will happen if, after returning to Free to play mode, I connect a character still equipped with equipment requiring Premium mode?
  • A: The equipments (excluding vests and pants/skirts) that are of higher quality than what Free to play mode allows and  will fall automatically in your bag.


  • Q: If I return to Free to Play mode, what happens to my skills and items requiring Premium mode?
  • A: Your skills will be intact, but your equipment and items requiring a Premium account will be unusable. You will have to equip yourself with items of quality under 150, which will limit the power of your actions.


Accounts and payment
  • Q: Is the price of the subscription going to change?
  • A: No, we do not anticipate an increase in the subscription price.


  • Q: Are you going to charge for future content?
  • A: No, the additions will be available to all players.


  • Q: Are there features included in my current subscription for which I will have to pay separately?
  • A: No, a Premium subscription will encompass all superior features.


  • Q: Will support be the same for both modes?
  • A: Access to support will be the same for Free to Play and Premium accounts. Only a few specialist manipulations will imperatively require a Premium account (account restoration, character transfer, etc.).


  • Q: What will happen if my subscription ends while I am logged?
  • A: Your account will remain under Premium mode until you next logout.


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