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Les chroniques d'Eolinius


The mektoub who loved flowers (2nd part)

Over time Eolinius finally domesticated Tapioca, but he was still sometimes quite devious, especially when the mektoub saw homina with flowers in his hair. He always wanted to sniff his hair, which sometimes caused delicate situations.

On a beautiful day, Eolinius packed his bag and decided to make an expedition by taking Tapioca to the dark moors. He didn't know why, but this place always had a spectacular effect on him. In fact, he liked these strange and sorry landscapes that others would have said were unhealthy but that he found romantic. He liked to sit on the large roots overlooking the green and brackish waters, study or reread his notes he had taken on his excursions, or write his personal letter. We didn't really know what was going on in Eolinius' head. Sometimes he would lie on the giant root, looking up at the sky and daydreaming.

After a rather long journey and with a step sometimes still not very secure, the duo finally arrived near the moors. There were several ways to get there. Eolinius did not take the fastest but the safest to protect Tapioca from the claws of the cloppers that abounded in the region. The rays of the luminous star were beginning to fade slightly and gave a beautiful contrasting light to the high roots on which the two companions were engaging. Eolinius descended from his mektoub and advanced to the central root, contemplating the landscape and swamps below. The grazing light gave a beautiful emerald green colour to the body of water below and gave an even more unreal impression.

That's when he first saw her. Its slender silhouette contrasted with the desolate landscape. She was there, insolent, admirable, proud and almost arrogant. A beautiful solitary flower stood in the middle of the great root. It was not very high but its colours were bright. Eolinius had never seen anything like it before. These petals seemed soft as velvet, its leaves were tapered and light as satin. It was obvious that she had pushed there by accident. A seed from nowhere had germinated in this hostile place and it seemed even more fabulous compared to the coldness of the place.

Eolinius immediately told himself that he would not return without her, he had to bring her back at all costs. It will be the most beautiful specimen of his herbarium that he had decided to build for the needs of science. Well, that's the excuse he gave himself. Maybe he had another idea in mind, such as offering one of the stems to a homina he had met. But we've already said that we don't know everything that's going on in his Tryker head.

He examined her for long minutes and looked at how he could easily take her. The flower was not ultimately so easily accessible. She had pushed on the outer edge of the root, a little below in a crevice full of foam. Eolinius approached and stretched out his arm to grasp her, but his fingers could barely touch her. He leaned a little more, grabbing as he could with his other hand on the roughness of the great root. He did not realize then that by the end of the day, the rays of light heating the stump had now almost disappeared, and the humidity of the place and the marshes below now filled the atmosphere, suddenly making his grip more and more slippery.

He felt himself going forward and mechanically grabbed the flower to grasp it, but it offered little resistance and uprooted itself almost immediately. With the stem of the flower in one hand, the other trying to cling to a slippery surface, he only had his salvation to his left foot, which was slightly caught in a piece of vine that would not last very long. Eolinius thus remained suspended above the void, his arms dangling, no longer daring to move for fear of slipping further. He now saw below the green marshes and pink fumaroles coming out of the goo springs. Was he going to end up like this? Crashing miserably into a toxic deposit? He thought of his friends in the Black Dragon Guild, Kyriann, Jazzy and Mohe, who were far away from him now. He also thought about his parents to whom he had promised to continue their scientific work. He had recently strayed into down-to-earth considerations and promised himself, if he could get out of this bad situation, to reconsider his priorities. These few seconds seemed to last an eternity.

At that moment he heard something moving behind him. Tapioca, who had stayed a little further away and surprisingly quiet until now, was coming back.

"It's time for him to start gambling again anywhere," Eolinius thought.

Suddenly he felt pressure on his left leg and felt suddenly lifted. The mektoub grabbed him by encircling Eolinius' leg with his trunk and raised him above him. We then saw a small Tryker hanging in the air and swinging, held at the end of a trunk of a large mektoub. He gently placed it on the root. Eolinius, still out of breath because he had just lived, still held the coveted flower in his hand above him. Amazed, he looked at Tapioca without saying anything or understanding, then ended up stuttering:

"Well then sul! y don't know how y can thank sul"

Without delay, the mektoub quickly grabbed the flower held by Eolinius with his agile trunk and immediately swallowed it in his mouth. Eolinius looked even more stunned at his empty hand, then Tapioca, and did not know whether he should laugh or cry about it. The small, black, globular, expressionless eyes of the big mektoub stared at him. Eolinius finally threw himself at Tapioca's neck laughing. Then Tapioca issued a triumphant "trrrompffe".

The two companions quietly returned to Fairhaven like two thieves at the fair, Eolinius singing and Tapioca wandering.


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