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HOWTO use item groups


The goal is to spend less time mindlessly clicking to equip a set (digging jewel set, or HA, or ...), and to move them. You group any equippable items of your choice under a common name (e.g "digging_jewel", "fight_jewel", "pvp_armor" ...), and you can then equip / move them with a simple click.


You can create a group by typing /createGroup group_name. This will take all currently equiped items (jewels, armor and hands items), and put them in a group "group_name". You can then equip / move this group by right clicking any item from the group and navigating through the "group" submenu. Note that moving a group to an inventory will pull items from all availables inventory to the destination inventory (if the group is moved to mektoub 4, items from the group in your bag and in mektoub 1 will be moved).

Equipping a group will equip items from all possible items (so from your bag, and your mektoubs/room if available) ; items that are equipped cannot be moved.

You can list existing groups by typing /listGroup, and remove a group by typing /deleteGroup group_name. You can also get completely naked (remove everything worn, including jewels) by typing /naked

Removing items before switching groups

Sometimes when you equip a group, you want to equip new items, but you also want to remove some items (for example, if you switch to a LA, you probably want to remove your helmet, in case you were in HA before). To do that, there is two option :
1) you'll need to manually edit the groups_charname.xml (in your save folder) file, and add a line like this to your group :

<remove slot="Head" />

2) At the creation of the group, use /createGroup group_name true. This will create a group like before, but for every slot with no equipped item, a matching <remove /> will be created.

I cannot move stuff from / to my guild !

By default, guild movement is disabled. You can activate it by placing the following line in your client.cfg (not client_default.cfg) :
ItemGroupAllowGuild = 1;

Using group commands in macro

If you want to use groups in a macro, they are in the "action" category (names are "equip an item group" / "move an item group").

Moving / equipping through commands

If you don't like using the right click menu to move / equip item groups, you can also use the following commands :
* /moveGroup GROUP_NAME DESTINATION_INVENTORY (DESTINATION_INVENTORY can be either bag, pet_animal1, pet_animal2, pet_animal3, pet_animal4, player_room, or guild (names are self explanatory))
* /equipGroup GROUP_NAME


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