[Ongoing] New chat: Rocket.Chat

-Installation of on the new tool server.
-Set up of and preparation of its channels.
-Activation of Megacorp on (universe and guild channels).
-Switching of internal team from Slack to
-Opening to Ryzom Forge and Ryzom Core, then to the players:
- Addition of a dark theme for Rocket.
- Fix or a wrong bridge between #pub-uni-es on Rocket and marauder ingame channel, what doing a IOS crash and so a crash of Atys.
- Rocket #pub-uni-es channel is at least linked to the spanish ingame channel.
- NEW april 2017 Reinstallation of internal bots and special commands that were present on Slack.
- NEW april 2017 Addition of a bridge between Rocket ( and ingame dynamic channels (faction and nation channels + those created using the / channel xxxxx command), including those with a password).

In progress:

Coming soon


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