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Les chroniques d'Eolinius

The recurring dream

Eolinius is a child. Eolinius is having fun and running on this vast plain.
Eolinius looks up to the sky. But there is no sky.
Instead of the sky, everything is black and dark, like a bottomless pit.
But Eolinius is not afraid.
All around him are dancing colors. Eolinius likes colors.
He runs to catch the colors.
But the colors don't want to be caught.
Then Eolinius stumbles.
On the ground, a fluorescent, thick and spongy green moss dampens its fall.
Next to him, a cloud of luminous insects flew away.
Eolinius is getting up. Eolinius laughs.
He looks around him. In the distance he sees his parents.
His mother gives him a wide smile. His father makes a small gesture with his hand.
His parents started digging around strange ruins again.
But Eolinius doesn't care, he wants to catch the colors.
there is not only the colors. There are also the big white balloons.
Some kind of phosphorescent jellyfish are flying around Eolinius.
He jumps to touch them, but the phosphorescent balloons move apart every time.
Eolinius falls again.
The medallion he wears around his neck almost left.
Eolinius replaces it and gets up again. Eolinius is happy.

And then the shadows come.
Shadows always come at that moment.
Cold Eolinius. With one breath, the colours and balloons disappear.
The immense and terrifying shadows envelop the entire plain.
There are thumping noises of struggles and muffled screams.
The shadows are getting bigger and bigger.
The shadows are getting closer and closer.
And then there is the light.
A green light surrounds Eolinius.
Noise becomes less and less audible.
The light encircles Eolinius. It is getting more and more intense.
The light prevents him from breathing. The light stifles him.
But the light also protects him.
Shadows can do nothing against light.
And then everything disappears.
The shadows, the face of his parents, even the light.
Eolinius finds himself in the dark, in silence.
Eolinius feels alone.

Eolinius awoke in sweat this morning. "This dream again," he thought to himself. "I do it more and more often"
He realized he was late. He had a lot to do today: pack his bag for a new expedition, do some shopping and buy new clothes for Kyriann's wedding in a few days, join Mohe to continue his training.
No time to waste.
He stood up and mechanically, to reassure himself, carried his hand around his neck and on his chest. But he felt nothing but his skin. He didn't even know why he made that gesture.
He never wore jewelry around his neck.
Eolinius headed towards the center of Fairhaven.

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