Grave of The Fireflies

Hellos Atysians!

Time for a quick update :D

Fireflies are Active and having fun as usual, We became Zorai aligned (since couple years ago) and support Kamis!

If you are neutral faction or kami, neutral civ or Zorai, laid back and up for some chitchat or hunting activity, this could be your home :D

Here is some assurance if you considering joining us: it has been more than 4 years since I joined Fireflies, we have not gone inactive at any given point, there have always been new friends joining us and some older members taking breaks, although we keep everyone close even through their breaks, and when they return it is like they have never left!

Although recently, we are doing a lot of boss hunts, and named hunts, we always have guildies who love to dig (or hate digging but still dig lots...) and craft and leveling. We have many hoarders, luckily also have some anti-hoarding agents who break hoarders' hearts...

We generally spoils our members as much as possible gear wise ( don't bother with their mental wealth etc..), but my concern is that our members are super humble, some times need a squeeze!

If you are friendly and open minded, willing to help out/mothering other homin(a)s, and willing to learn to be a well rounded player who might become mentor for others in the near future, who loves to chitchat and be silly, this guild would be a good option for you.

If you wants to try pvp and be a badass, we try our best to support you with gears and some knowledge and experiences (although we usually do not tag up, and fight around...we actively participate in outpost wars and other fights if necessary).

Lastly, we have many high officers or officers active, if you run into one of our guildies, 90% chance he/she would be able to send you an invite if needed :D

Enough paragraphs! That is all from me!

Best wishes and hugs for Fireflies,
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