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KipeeCraft needs volunteers / testers to add postcraft formulas


Arcueid was so nice and implemented possibility to start KC with forced path to data/recipe/config files. Now it is possible to instal KC system-wide and every user can store own copy in home directory.

For those who are lazy as I am, because to download archive, unpack, open unpacked directory with KC and run is so hard (not talking about creating shortcut!) I made dumb DEB pseudo-package. It contains current version of KC plus starting script forcing path to ~/.kipeecraft, icons and menu shortcut installed into system directories.

The only reason I made this package is that I keep private repository and this way I can use debian/mint update system to install new versions on all boxes i currently run.

Arcueid suggested that someone other might be interrested, so here is link to current package version. There is no warranty of any kind, ofc :P Tested a bit on Linux Mint 18 with default wine 1.6.2 and seems to be working on Debian 7 (oldstable) with wine 1.4.1. Many thanks to Syell for her help.

Feedback? Hm... maybe... you try :P
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