KipeeCraft needs volunteers / testers to add postcraft formulas

When selecting items for a recipe, the mat pictures display Q250, no matter what the Q is set in KK. Is that just the image or the mat is Q250?
The image shows the highest Q available on atys of this mat. The Plan Options Q is used to change postcraft calculations, for example you have a sword plan with Q200 mats and want to see how damage would look for a lower version (Q100 for example) of the weapon.
I also noticed that despite entering Q100 in the KC Mat Selector, it still marks the mats significantly higher.
This Q is the minimum Q a mat must have to be shown. For example you want to craft a Q200 sword, you don't want to see loot, which is below Q200. SO you set this filter to Q200 and all mats are shown which are available at 200 or higher.

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