Les chroniques d'Eolinius

The day was already very advanced when Eolinius emerged with a headache not possible. He walked along one of Fairhaven's pontoons, picked a secluded spot and sat on the edge of a floating platform with his feet in the air, watching the water pass underneath. A light breeze grazed his face.

It was the day after Kyriann's atysversary. Memorable evening organized by Jazzy who had amused all the participants with his fireworks near the arch of the enchanted island. Eolinius had met many people there and the last party people had ended up at Avendale's bar. He had tasted the famous and famous beer of the Lakes which is drunk like whey, but perhaps a little too much. He was still wondering how he got back to Fairhaven and there was like a rendor hitting his head.

How many events had happened since his arrival on the continent. He had only been there a short time, but he had discovered so many new things that his long stay on Silan seemed far away. As he did not feel the courage to undertake something constructive today, his eyes in the dark, he recalled his first impressions when he arrived in the Lakes.

Arrival in Fairhaven

A white flash made him close his eyes, then he felt a feeling of vertigo. After a few moments, he tried to reopen them but could not distinguish anything around. He then breathed deeply to dispel that feeling of nausea that came to him. It was the first time he used a transporter over such a long distance, it wasn't a short trip on Silan. There he undertook the great journey he had so longed for. He was on his way to the mainland.

The smell of humid air with the smell of an unknown but not totally unpleasant perfume drew him from his lethargy. Eolinius had chosen the dawn to join Fairhaven. He did not see much yet because the great city was still covered by a fine fog. Already some homins were agitating around the entrance of the city. He advanced towards the pontoon, which he vaguely distinguished a little further away.

-« Lordoy, noble visitor » said a charming person who approached him.
« I'm Fairhaven's host. Something tells me you're from Silan » she says staring at him. « Please present yourself at the tourist counter a little further on. We will provide you with your visa to travel around the city. You're lucky » she mocked. « The usual guide is supervised today by our head of protocol. You won't lose, he's a very competent person. »

Eolinius took a few steps on the pontoon which sounded matt.

Although it was very early, some people were already gathering in front of the reception desk. A big, monotonous and unpleasant voice came out of a spectacle trykette standing behind.
-«Please line up. A little discipline.»
Eolinius put himself in the forming tail and began to wait. On both sides, the relaxing lapping of the water helped him to keep calm.

He then saw himself again the day before, gathering his belongings, saying goodbye to his comrades and presenting himself in front of Chiang Le Fort.
-« So you want to leave us and join the mainland? Well, I think you're capable of taking care of yourself. I've notified the Fairhaven authorities of your arrival. Be worthy of our training and the values we have given you to preserve Atys from Kitin invasion. Bon voyage homin. »

So Eolinius joined Fairhaven, the great Tryker city.

The day began to rise, the fog slowly dissipated and Eolinius could finally see the large domes of the city as well as the twirling of the blades of the wind turbines further on the shore. He had always wondered why his parents had given him the strange name "Eolinius". Once, being much younger, he dared to ask. His mother, a sweet and pretty trykette had answered him patiently.
-« You will inherit the Trykers scientific tradition, but you will be free and independent like the wind of Atys. So you can continue our action and discover the mysteries of our world. » He had understood nothing but these words had remained engraved in his mind.

The city beat on the water, centre of trade of Eden Aqueous swarmed with people. A colourful and cosmopolitan crowd was agitated in all directions. The atmosphere was strong different from the Silan based Ranger camp where people only thought about training. Here we saw villagers and traders in their daily activities. Tryker was one of the only democratic federations on Atys. But it was not without its drawbacks, particularly with regard to the administrative burden. There was an impressive pile of files on the reception counter and every new arrival was scrutinized.

-« Registration number 2591-flo-16-264 » made the trykette as kind as a prison door by printing a scroll of the federation stamp.
-« To the next one! »

At that moment a brouhaha rose next to the counter. A dusty Fyros followed by three mektoubs chatted violently with two trykers guards who blocked his way. The Fyros, probably an itinerant merchant coming to sell his goods on the central square did not want to leave his mektoubs alone at the entrance of the city. The guards politely but firmly took him back to the mainland despite his protests.
-« No, no, no mektoubs inside the city, by order of the governor and for reasons of hygiene. There are stables outside the city. »
This distraction amused the onlookers around him.

-« To the next one! Refugee Eolinius, I have no time to waste. »
Eolinius stepped forward and put back the scroll provided by Chiang. The head of protocol conscientiously looked at the paper with suspicious eyes and stared at it.
He hadn't noticed it at first, but behind the counter and the welcome guide stood a younger trykette sitting carelessly on a barrel of beer. She looked like she was dreaming her nose in the wind, but when her name came up, she looked at him with insistence and Eolinius felt embarrassed in her patched refugee clothes. Seeing that we were looking behind her, the guide turned around.
-« You Zurglub again! Always snooping around or you shouldn't. »
The young trykette got up and walked away nonchalantly, laughing and throwing at Eolinius :
-« I know one who will be surprised, hihihi.... ».

Eolinius watched her leave with astonishment but had no time to reflect on her words.

-« Let's get back to business," says the old glasses trykette. "your papers appear to be in order. »
The long-awaited stamp fell on the scroll. Eolinius could finally stay freely in Eden Aqueous.

-« Registration number 2591-flo-16-265. » made the head of protocol.
-« To the next one ! »

The first thing to do for Eolinius was to find an activity that brings in a little Dappers. His scholarship with the meagre pay of the Rangers obtained on Silan just allowed him to survive a few weeks.

Eolinius then took a light step towards the centre of the city.

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