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Is it possible to recover my screenies??!

Ok, here is my problem. I had about 207 screenies which i dragged and dropped onto my desktop into one folder i could access quickly, As i continued to take more screenies, they would accumulate in <my computer name>~Library~Application Support~Ryzom~Screenshots. But, they would not be included in the folder on my desktop, so i dragged and dropped that folder also to my desktop and when it asked if i wanted to replace the folder already there I said yes, thinking it would just add the new screenies, but now the old ones are gone, and only the new (84) screenies are there. I undid the drag and drop and only the (84) went back to the 'Finder' app. The older screenies are missing, and there is no longer a folder on my desktop. :(
What can i do? I haven't done a 'Time Machine' bakcup in quite a long time, like months
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