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[Comm & Mark] Reports of Ryzom Forge's meetings (Communication Group)

December 15th 2016

1 Change of the tools used by the Ryzom teams
As said during last meeting, we are working on a redesign of the tools, in order to no longer depend on external tools and their limitations in free version: we are currently studying and testing their open source replacements, which will be hosted on a Ryzom server.

The tools that will be replaced are:
- The internal chat (currently Slack)
- The task management software (currently Asana)
- The file sharing tool (currently Dropbox)
- The Collaborative Publishing Tool (currently Paper)

It will lead to a greater visibility, since the members or Ryzom, Ryzom Forge and Ryzom Core will share these tools and will be able to follow the whole of the ongoing projects. There will only be a restriction regarding the access to some documents related to these projects.

I will tell you more soon, as soon as this project is more advanced.


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