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November 8th 2016

Anlor Winn events
The three new events for this year have been scripted in Ark by Riasan ("60 seconds"), Daemonixus ("Kill the pumpkins!") and Ptitbill on Silan ("Anlor Winn's patrol").
Let's mention that it was the first event scripted by Daemonixus!

We'd like to get your feedbacks on these events please. Did you like them? Would there be something to improve? Do you have proposals for the next time?

General feedbacks:
- Grats to all! These events were very pleasant!
- And the trouble was that there were lags that made some successes to fail.

"60 seconds" feedbacks:
- Regarding the 60 sec, it was really difficult (event after the "nerf") (the difficulty was lowered (I understood it like that) at the 2nd or 3rd day).
- Regarding the 60 seconds, it would have been better to make it clear from the start that it was a "global" event, there was a lot of deception because of that, and think of testing this kind of event.
- And I think that it would have been more successful if it could have been reset to 0, and that everyone could see with his guild / his friends up to where he could achieve.
- And the last thing, I think that giving mats as rare as kitin's larvae (suprem generic mats), it was a bit too much, and it will desserve a lot the crafters who couldn't attend.
- Regarding the 60 sec Event, the idea was really good, but it could be improved... As soon as the threshold was above 300 you needed 3 full teams to try it, and to reach level 350, you needed at least 4 teams, which is not easy to find. In my opinion, if the event had been created to be played solo with the restriction to the eggs/auras, it would have been more interesting and erveryone would have had the chance to try it.
- I've found the 60 sec event really nice... a bit long because by the end, from 320 to 351, we were not very far from 60 players. And it's not easy to have 60 organised people.
- And I for myself really appreciated all the rewards which were very good surprises!
- As for me, I enjoyed it that the 60 secs was in team. As for me, I wouldn't have tried the 60 seconds if it had been a single-player event.
- The NPC which is giving a reward to all the pllayers who joined in is, in my opinion, really interesting and could be used for the marauder boss (*winks*).
- One other point, I would like to point out. I'd like as an 'old' player to see some more creative ideas, why not to implement the same Event 60 secs, in an old Land or 10 Years old anniversy region with maybe 50% bigger Shalahs... Going crazy is a very good concept... I believe, we could do better with what we have...

Pumkins feebacks:
- For the pumpkin's hunt, a message when you win something would be nice. It would be better than to have to go to your appartment every evening to see if you won something.
A: We had some problems with the titles distribution and the appartment decorations (and the related messages). It was not related to the script but to the Dev.
- I found the pumpkin's hung quite frustrating. Especially since I've won nothing during the 3 first evenings.

Have you enjoyed the principle of the sparks event turning into pumpkins (on game side)? How would you see improvements for this event on rewards side?
- Yes, it was fun the sparks turning into pumpkins, even if I had lots of troubles to get the rewards (except for the title).
- Yep, the idea was good and kind of funny, but the implementation wasn't as good. And the rewards weren't interesting for me at all (some apartement items? I guess, I haven't even checked those.
- Same as Yenno, I'm not really interested in apartment decoration (housing isn't really that nice on Ryry even if it's alreay nice to be able to add things, which wasn't the case in the past, I've got to admit!


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