trash talking, mud slinging, and trolling

i bet the guy (or girl) that made this thread thought there would be over 10,000 posts by now, guess they just had no clue how few trolls ryzom has.  what a shame too, at least it would be "on topic".  because of the title of the thread, any forum based argument should come here, so it can always be on topic, or at least i think that was the thread creator was thinking.  who know's, maybe if gm's just used this thread as a link "to continue the discussion" on any thread they needed to lock, the few that feel the need could continue here forever, and we'd have the first ryzom thread to get 1,000,000 posts (sooner or later, i be that was the creators idea, to see a million posts, lolx)

is there no desire to argue? i think meks should all be pink, someone argue with me, or tell me i'm crazy (true), anything, i'm so lacking in a good trolling or mud slinging, or even a little trash talking. i can take it (mostly, and if not, i'll toss a little mud or trash back at ya, lolx)


so bored i'm just rambling on, and this is the sad fact of my life sometimes.  (boredom)


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