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Won't run on GNU

Hi, I trying to run Ryzom on GNU("Trisquel7 64" Ubuntu-like) with latest Linux version. All of 3 methods failed. The one from added repository, worked with a huge bug, that bug keeps adding "Noexists:ui" before all texts in client/game, for example: "Noexists:uiRyzom", or play button "Noexists:uiPlay". After that, Ryzom keeps stucked at loading screen, playing music, but never pass the loading screen.

Hardware: Thinkpad x200t, c2d SL9400, 4gb ddr3, gpu Intel 4500mhd.

Thinkpad T400, c2d T9600, 8gb ddr3, gpu Intel 4500mhd.

Both with same software.
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