[Tr] Reports of Ryzom Forge's meetings (Translation Group)

9th of may 2016

- The translators have also been a lot called upon during these three days to translate announcements and answers in emergency, in addition to their long work of fixing the whole of the ingame text. A big thanks to them also.
- Two more applications have been received this week!
If there are other peoples wanting to join the translation team, you can be sure you'll be welcomed with open arms! We still have no translator for Russian and we are missing translators to Spanish and German

Q: no contraints on the playability of the character?
A: To be a translator? No, no constraint since the translations aren't done in game except in emergency cases, translators usually have several days to translate and fix a text. And where there are several peoples for the same language, it allows for taking turns
Translations are mostly translations for official announcements and new content in game created with Ark. There are also translations for chronicles and speaches of events characters
And when we say "translation team", we should say "translation and proofread team". Since when there's translation, there's proofread


Communications Manager Assistant - Translation Team Manager, Lore Team Member - ES/EN
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