[Player Event / Zoraïs] The Oracle of Min-Cho

Rikutatis stood atop the Great Boulder Tunnel, gazing out into the distance, surveying the lands of Maiden Grove.

He recalled his conversation with Matis Noble Salazar, an old friend and sometimes political adversary in certain matters. Salazar had been worried about the lack of news concerning the Oracle of Min-Cho and believed she could still present a danger to the Theocracy.

Followers of the Oracle and those who believed in her prophecies claim the entire tragedy of Suki's death and the Lai-le Ban that is to follow is a direct result of her first prophecy coming to fruition.

"I have seen the children of the Goo take something dear from the Zoraïs.", the prophecy said.

There had been certain rumors of Zoraï hunters vanishing in the Grove of Umbra, and a beast prowling in those parts. Could that refer to the second prophecy? But Rikutatis believed those were just false rumors and exaggerations spread by those who have too much time and imagination. And yet, Salazar's words still echoed in his mind... perhaps it wouldn't hurt to look into it.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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