Grave of The Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies!!! Updated guild info!

What faction and alignemnt are we?

We are Kami guild, suport Kamis faction, and zorai based. However (wondering if I should double space the writings while typing), we accept players that are neutral, ranger, and kami aligned. Faction alignment to us is method of transportation, has nothing to do with who we support and what we do.

What are we like?

We are very friendly and have many diverse kind of players in guild. Some love to hunt, others love to dig and craft, and there are the odd ones love ballz stabbing and stables camping, and some just love all of the above XD

Why join Fireflies?

We LOVE to help. Lots crafters and knowledgable in guild who are up to answer your questions, and help you sort out gears (with your help at times). We love to chat, and get to know one another, and other times, we enjoy piece of quietness as well.

Please contact the following ppls if you are interested to join:
Leader, High officers, Officers, or any members !!!
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