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Are we still able to download and use the game without using Steam?
Yes, using Steam is optional.

Are we still able to subscribe to the game without using Steam?
Yes, using Steam is optional.

Are we able to link our Ryzom account with Steam?
Yes, and it's automatic. Since you connect to your account using Steam, both your accounts are linked together. The Steam payment option becomes the only available option to (re)subscribe to Ryzom once the accounts are linked.

Is it possible to unlink our Steam account from our Ryzom account?
Yes, you just have to ask the Ryzom Support team, by ticket or email at You will then be able to (re)subscribe to Ryzom using its official website (WorldPay or PayPal), but no more using Steam payment options, otherwise the accounts will become linked again.

Will there be any changes to the payment system because of this, like being able to pay through Steam?
A Steam linked account is only able to subscribe using Steam. It has no other option. To get your old payment option back, you need to ask for your Ryzom account and your Steam account to be unlinked, by writing the Ryzom Support team using ticket or email at

Will the servers stop during opening of Steam access?
No, because Steam gives a client, the Ryzom game server will not be impacted.

Do non Steam users also get the new updates, that is various fixes and upgrades to the game client as announced in the press release?
Yes, but later. The Steam client has the latest version (3.0.0). Other clients still have the old 2.1.0 version, the updates (and then the 3.0.0 version) will be added later depending on the platform.


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