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Unique does not always mean useful, fun, or entertaining.

The people who keep playing this thing just means they're broken in the right way so as to fit in :)

In the game there are lots of features that are half-baked, underdeveloped, or generally unfinished and unpolished. There's a myriad of server-side bugs, MOST of the rites are not finished, do I need to go on?

Ok, mobs migrate. So what, is it such a core mechanic? It barely registers past a few actual implications for trekking. Enormous skill system that requires one to be a master of several skills before they can attempt pvp? When other games offer you an automated scaling of your character to max level, so you can have fun after a few hours, not after 4 months? Several stanzas that are literally useless or extremely niche?

Ryzom is a great game, sure. But when people dislike its unique features, they're not just being dumb. They're being practical.


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