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I can see that ... but as w/ Episode 2, we didn't have OPs in any of the regions until then. In accordance with the story line, I can see it as a evolvement of area or areas. Of course it makese sense to have these progress accordingly and to fit in with the geography. It will take time to develop the story line, which may have begun already with the fortifying of Thesos.

I also agree that the maruders are short shifted as they are also denied access to equivalent opportunities which should also be resolved. I don't agree about your story line tie-in tho as maruaders are foused pretty much on hating all other homins. OTOH, no one is being denied opportunities to fight kitins. Go back and read my post ... ANY player can sign on to help Rangers defend as I would think they would against anything that tries to eat them ... kitins don't look for faction tags before attacking. And if anyone participates, they should be able to share in rewards.


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