[Ryzom Forge] Meeting (11th of april)

1 Communication & Marketing Group

Gaueko: As you all know, I was ranked in the beginning of the year as Communications Manger Assistant. Tamarea and I are working to reorganize ourslef better and we have started with the Communications Team. As you might noticed, I have been around in game as CMA. In the following, I will try to be present in game as CMA too. Wich means you can ask me questions of general content about the game. And I will try to help you, so your words reach to the proper place.

I want to add too, that Gaueko is now on Facebook (Gaueko Ryzom) and on Twitter (@GauekoRyzom) too. So you have more ways to reach me.

Q: Can you confirm that Steam release is 15th april without further delay?
A: We canĀ“t confirm that by now. We are waiting Steam adds the billing system so the players can subscribe to Ryzom using Steam. Our release date is by now the same unless they tell us something else. We are still waiting too. As soon as we know more, we will share with all you. We will make an official announcement too.


Communications Manager Assistant - Translation Team Manager, Lore Team Member - ES/EN
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