The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay

Interesting points Nuzanshi, I mostly agree :)
Both Nuzanshi as well as Icus are former Akenos, I think. This seems to show in interesting problem, a difference of understanding of what makes a Fyros Akenak (taking for granted that Nuzanshi was not implying that the common Fyros on the streets is different from the voted Fyros representing him or her). The difference in understanding of the Lore in two different players seems to me, on the whole, to be a major problem.

It's just two differents aspect you can't compare, really.

The sharük is based on two things : the 4 pillars (Justice, Honor, Discipline & Truth), and the sharükos. The pillars are the pillars of the fyros culture : if you respect them, you are worthy of beeing a Fyros. Even if you aren't a Patriot, if you follow the pillars you will be respected by the fyros, because it's their core. On the other hand, you have Patriots : they follow the pillars, and vowed to defend at all cost the sharük. They believe it's the best way to live within the pillars and will do everything to protect it.

The sharükos is what glues all of this together ; he is both the symbol and guardian of the pillars : He makes sure that the pillars are followed, and should always act in the way of the pillars. This is why he's also the head of the sharük, and its guardian : since he is the pillars, it makes sense that his voice is The autority in the sharük, because the sharük goal is to defend the pillars, and that's his job.

This is why you obey sharükos : both because he is the pillars and you respect them, and because he is the personification of the sharük (which you want to protect). You can advice him, and even question him ; Fyros aren't idiots, and they know every homin can make a mistake.

However, the moment you start disobeying sharükos, it means you are either
- rejecting his legitimacy as leader of the sharük and guardian of the pillars, because he isn't doing what he should to protect and follow the pillar (or you don't agree with the way he follows them and think he's wrong, in the end it's the same thing). It means you are no longer a Patriot, basically (because the sharük and sharükos are too much tied, you can't vow allegiance to the first without recognising the second, it's idiotic)
- rejecting the pillars. This means sharükos has no legitimacy to you anymore because you aren't tied by the pillars. This means you are no longer a fyros, basically.

On the other hand, your guild leader is just another fyros. You can respect him, think he's a great guy, obey him, but if he starts acting contrary to the pillars, it's your duty as a fyros to not obey him and respect the pillars, and probably to convince him to stop doing so - maybe even stopping him doing so in more direct ways if you think it would be better.

He has no legitimacy in regards to the pillars, and most likely in regards to the sharük because he's chosen by you (individually), and you don't carry the words of the pillars with you. This is more or less the same for the akenak : they are chosen by the Patriots as a group of Fyros they think respect the pillars (akenak means "the very virtuous" in fyrk) and are generally wise, so they can give good advice to sharükos.

This is why there can be (and there is :-D) heavy criticism of the akenak by patriots : they are, in the end, just regular fyros folks. They generally don't have powers, and when they do it's given, temporarily (sharükos can revoke it at any time he wants), and on a specific subject : let Icus manages the Water Road with the trykers as it's easier for everyone. Ambassadors are a bit more tricky, but in the end they are here only to convey sharükos words to other nations / assembly (but that's theory, we all know how in pratical it isn't really the case).

They aren't quite exactly random fyros tho, and it's was an attack against an akenak during his mission can be viewed as an attack against the sharük : first because they are patriots and the sharük protects its patriots (but that's not specific to them), second because sharükos gave them power to act (over a specific subject), so an attack against them is like an attack against sharükos.

It's this kind of difference between beeing choosen by your peers and beeing choosen by sharükos that makes celiakos and people like the Ardent Master (leader of the Burning Faces) quite special, because their legitimacy is (indirectly) tied to the pillars.

This is why this modification could be problematic, because instead of beeing random fyros folk who happens to be less idiots than their friends, akenak are now special fyros sharükos chosed ; it really makes them different from regular fyros folk. But since no one seems to play Fyros RP anymore, it isn't really a huge deal. It isn't against the fyros lore, the main problem is that it puts some players above other, which wasn't the case before. If it can makes some people interested in the fyros RP, i still think it's worth a shot (even tho i personally prefer the old way)

This was waaayyy longer that i thought it would be, so in short :
Pillars are the core of Fyros life, mindset & culture. sharükos is the embodiment of those pillars, as such his words is law. sharük main goal is to protect the pillars - this is why sharükos is head of sharük. Going against sharük/sharükos = going against either core of our life or core of our civilisation = bad. Going after GL (or another fyros) is OK cause they have no legitimacy in regards to pillars


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