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The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay

Fyros player roleplay died after (Leanon) event team acted heavily biased over and over again.

The main Fyros RP died the last time after people like Curtos left - and as far as I know he didn't leave over quarreling with the Event Team. The first exodus of Fyros RP years before, when Damor went away with his lot, is almost prehistoric past. However, Stiara, for example, stayed on through all heavy weather and continued after the Merge.
(...) acceptance for the Fyros Akenak leadership roleplay cannot be substituted by an bureaucratic act of the event team.

Honestly, from my observation, and from what I read, little was more bureaucratic than Fyros political RP. I mean - discussing uniforms for the Akenak for months? If they'd do that at the Matis Assembly, I'd say a few spirited words to my fellow nobles. Fortunately, they're rather sensible about the major needs of such a meeting, which might be the main reason our Assemblies are still flourishing (although the bloody translation procedure stretches each meeting like chewing gum).
(...) warriors can decide to follow a leader and keep discipline for the greater good of their guild/faction/nation. (...) This is an act of free will. I think this describes the essence of being a Fyros warrior and doing Fyros roleplay.
(...) a good fyros is supposed to obey sharükos (there is no such thing as civil disobedience in the desert)

Both Nuzanshi as well as Icus are former Akenos, I think. This seems to show in interesting problem, a difference of understanding of what makes a Fyros Akenak (taking for granted that Nuzanshi was not implying that the common Fyros on the streets is different from the voted Fyros representing him or her). The difference in understanding of the Lore in two different players seems to me, on the whole, to be a major problem.

Regarding the responsibility of the ET, which was German on Leanon (obviously), but now I think is French and/or English-American (to my knowledge, there are few - if at all - Germans in the ET left), and their supposed discouragement of political RP, which was not exactly enthusiastic since the merge, I'm unable to comment. But I can't stop to wonder why since I remember there are players who feel mistreated by the ET in every of its incarnations.


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