The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay

Hello and thank to all who contributed to this discussion with matter-of-fact arguments. The situations is sad but it is better to ask for reasons than doing nothing.

Although the picture is speculative because no one knows the real intention of the event team, some arguments seem logic and could serve as a basis of further analysis but others need more detailed explanation.

There are a few things that I wish to add.

I:'The dagger election system is too labor intensive'
The dagger system was not labor intensive for the event team, more for the player and even not really that intensive at all...

It was nice !

I fully agree with Osquallo. The dagger election system should be easy to handle.

II.'The number of Akenak candidates is too low.'
@Osquallo, Daomei, Bitttymacod and others:
but yes to few candidate and people who vote ...

Yes, there are hardly any Fyros roleplayers around. But abandoning the Fyros dagger election system would make things worse. Any election system is not only about organizing the vote of a group of candidates. An election system is about legitimation of power and leadership, regardless how many candidates there are.

This is the really important point about the Fyros dagger election system.
The Fyros dagger election system is crucial for the legitimation of the Fyros Akenak roleplay.

Let me give you an example:
If the event team would change the tryker citizen election system into a matis-like feudal system it would destroy the core of any Tryker governmental roleplay for Tryker citizen players.

Creating Fyros Akenak simply by event team announcement makes Fyros nation roleplay useless.
The Fyros Akenak is now turned from a speaker of desert warriors into an imperial bureaucrat/event team representative.

A guild leader once told me:
'I want guild members who question my orders if I am doing wrong. I don't want mindless killers who sheepishly follow every order. I want people that are able to decide between good and evil, between right and wrong. I want real warriors.'

I think this describes the essence of being a Fyros warrior and doing Fyros roleplay.

Warriors have to do hard choices and they don't give up their individual freedom easily. But warriors can decide to follow a leader and keep discipline for the greater good of their guild/faction/nation. Warriors follow thoses leaders who share their understanding and whom they really respect. This is an act of free will.

This is why acceptance for the Fyros Akenak leadership roleplay cannot be substituted by an bureaucratic act of the event team.
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