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The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay

I think the problem with the akenak is that it has been understaffed for a loooong time. There is supposed to be 12 akenak, and less candidates than that makes the election pointless. Unfortunately i never saw that much akenak (i think the most was 6 or 7 in 2013 when dyron+pyr+thesos akenak were here) in a single assembly.

I'm not sure why is that, but it's probably because the fyros lore is relatively closed. The akenak are supposed to be counsel to the sharükos and have almost no power ; and a good fyros is supposed to obey sharükos (there is no such thing as civil disobedience in the desert)

In the end, since most people aren't interested in the akenak, that not much takes place in the desert (or anywhere else) even tho people have tried (Lerya for example tried hard to get people to come to pyr meetings) makes people even less interested (because nothing takes place, so you know even if you join nothing will happen, why bother ?).

Regarding the akenak change, it's more of a desperate move. I don't know exactly how things went since I left, but i assume nothing major changed so it's probably too late anyway


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