The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay

Obviously the ET doesn't have the freedom to accept events and player decisions that would deviate from the lore

Just after merge they have accept some stuff like that from some player to not hurt them too much, the result was just killing the rp and making some invested player leave the game.

But player have to "play the game" a little and accept that they are not the character.

When i has see the uniform issue on fyros, well it's jsute people that don't play theire role and don't want to loose their fashion style in the assembly.

But what other rp player and the event team can do against that ?

That was so much absurd and i know why some fyros roleplayer have juste leave the game.

Same goes for the jungle.

In matis side we have done some player leading event and have made some nice stuff event if it was a little slow but then again some have not accept the idea that they don't play themselve in the real world, and i force us to acept absurd stuff event if they don't have attend to the event itself.

It really really annonying and frustrating to see that.

Since the merge the biggest issue is that, people who don't make the difference between player and character.

The kitin capture is a player made event, tournement was a player made event, SKA is a player made stuff.

And the event team have followed us and support us even mixing theire own event with them.

The only issue was from some player.

If people was more interessted in the fyros politic/event they would not have to do such change.

So know you are aware of it change that state and they would propabily make the vote stuff come back.

The system was initialy done with more akenak in mind.
But if the few akenak are mostly OOC that will lead to only crap stuff.

So i understand the need to select them a little :/

zorai's rp was almost kill by letting people do crap against the lore just because it's fit more theire player's interest.


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