The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay


I understand that many are complaining about the changes, but, I have spent many weeks alone during the assemblies. I have tried my best to make players come to the assemblies, maybe I did not my best? Ok. But I tried. Now, after all this Atreus thing, I just feel that has no sense I keep making an effort for something I feel is imposed.

That's interesting. I have not attended many Fyros events, but my experience with the Zorai events has been exactly the opposite. That we have a lot of control over the course of the events, how things happen, what decisions are made, etc.

There have been so many times in which entire event chains happened simply because of one player decision that completely altered the course of the story. Heck, this last event about "The departure of Qin Coi Wu" for example, the main protagonist of this event, a reformed bandit, just happened to be a minor NPC in another event, that players just happened to make the decision of sparing his life instead of killing him, and sent him to Zora prison. That was all on the players.

The only thing to keep in mind is the lore of course. Obviously the ET doesn't have the freedom to accept events and player decisions that would deviate from the lore and the main themes too much. So because of that, we may sometimes get the feeling that the world is too static and nothing really changes in the grander scheme of things. But this has always been the case with any sort of persistent online game. MUSHes, MUDs, MMO's, you name it. Out of all MMO's I've played or heard about it, Ryzom was the one which gave the most freedom to the players to affect the story and change the course of events through RP.


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