The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay

I don´t know if it is a destruction or not. The roleplay is up to everyone and each one should know what wants to play inside the Lore and the actual events on going, this is just a new reality. 

I just left my akenak rank because I am not enjoying this game no longer. And not because of the Event Team, they could have good or bad ideas, but as everyone around. We are not perfect. I don´t like that the players opinion wasn´t taken in to account, but well, who they would ask? me? I was the only akenak around after all... I have made bad choices in this game and now I just feel like I don´t fit nowhere. I am hard to deal with for sure, and I don´t have many friends around. Game is just tedious for me, the only thing that made me come back was this akenak rank. 

I understand that many are complaining about the changes, but, I have spent many weeks alone during the assemblies. I have tried my best to make players come to the assemblies, maybe I did not my best? Ok. But I tried. Now, after all this Atreus thing, I just feel that has no sense I keep making an effort for something I feel is imposed.

And this is my opinion, the new organization is not imposed, is just a desperate movement to keep the Fyros alive. And I don´t feel I am fitting in that new organization. I came from the past one, I should leave others take my place.

I have renounced the Fyros rite and I am now neutral/neutral again. I wish good luck to the Fyros.  

What will the future bring to me? I don´t know, but right now I don´t have the mood for playing. 

I hope you all enjoy for me.


Lerya Rechtuch

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